Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do Not Hire Soundpolitic!

What I write and post here stays here for all the world to seek.

The same goes for my constant blabbering on my Facebook page, where I consistently use "foul" language and posting "obscene" images.  Many of my friends do this as well, never thinking twice about it.  We understand that it's all about context - that what we are posting on social networks are basically the same as what we  say in person or over the phone.

In other words, we are in character.  Here's a one-act play to illustrate the former form of communication:

Colin David Abele

{In a van smelling of stale smoke and fast food, packed to the brim with musical instruments and amplifiers, and littered with various crumpled ephemera.  SOUNDPOLITIC has just been picked up by his ANONYMOUS BUDDY after waiting in a parking lot outside an apartment building in a small Upstate New York city.}


Yo man, I was tryin to call you...


Fuckin pissed, bro!  My job made me wait two fuckin hours for my check, and I hadda go to the bank to cash it in to pay my phone and now my phones off!  I got no fuckin phone till MONDAY!


Two hours? What the fuck is that?  I TOLD you, man, its all the capitalists just figuring out ways to fuck you with three cocks at the same time ... {An improvised anti-capitalist rant making sure to use the words socialism, bourgeoisie, and revolution ensues for the remainder of the show except its final lines.}


Dude, that's fucked up.  Your fucked up!


No, we're both fucked.  We're here.  Thanks for the ride, man.  Peace!

{The Curtain Falls}

I hope you enjoyed the play.  I hope you understood that it's just a play, and not how I would speak at work. 

If I had a job, that is.  I'm still happily unemployed (though a job would be nice...) and perhaps I am in no small part due to my previous blog post about how I was mistreated by my last "real job" employer.  This allusion makes the following previous post your Soundpolitic Rewind of the Month.

Soundpolitic Sundays: Ready Aim Fired Edition

Read it if you want the full background story.  I recommend skipping it over since this blog was crap before I recently revitalized it.  The key point in putting it there is that it's still here, still view-able, and still search-able for anyone who takes such an interest in my person.

Including prospective employers.  Which brings me to the inspirational source of this update: a local news story about how employers are looking under your online skirts when considering your application to please, please, please purchase your labor.

When I saw this report, I was naturally incensed because this hiring practice is completely unnatural.

As you've just seen, WNYT has a Facebook page as well.  Theirs probably gets far more views than mine since, well, they can broadcast themselves; if you want to broadcast yourself, try YouTube.  They even entice viewers of their television show and/or website to head there and opine on the story.

Letters to the editor, I hardly knew you. ;-P   In all seriousness, I navigated my browser there with the speed of the lightning bolt to share my thoughts:

  • Colin Abele If my potential employer is going to disregard my professional qualifications because something as trivial as socially acceptable language, strongly held political views, or photos of myself having fun outside the workplace, then I win! I wouldn't want to work for somebody who wants me to be anybody other than who I am. If these employers continue these practices, they will soon find themselves with no prospective employees and quite possibly more competitors - workers who have become fed up with these anti-free speech hiring practices with the exact type of strong personalities that are required of a successful entrepreneurs.
    about an hour ago ·  ·  1

I used to have a nasty habit of posting blog-sized comments of a political persuasion on Facebook.  This, I feel, is an improvement.  Except for the hidden/glaring typo. But I was not alone in making one, just as I was able to find comrades with similar sentiments.  The conversation continued and nearly everyone agreed.  Those who disagreed found themselves at the mercy of Soundpolitic:

  • Katie Freisatz I don't think employers should use Facebook as a factor in the final hiring decision. Many people can balance a social life (that may look bad online) and work very well. Just because someone enjoys the bar scene does not mean they aren't a team player who puts in 110% from 8-5. Actually, if someone has a very limited social life, it may be an indicator of anti-social behavior and other issues. It's just all too subjective. However, I can totally see why employers would want to check out Facebook to get an overall idea of the applicant, and why they would not hire someone if they see illegal behavior posted.
    about an hour ago ·  ·  1
  • Tara Jordan Sayward They say " leave your work at work".....lets just admit it ..our work is a big part of our lives..when it should be family..and friends.....good or bad. FB lets us be us, outside of work.... Working 9-5
    about an hour ago ·  ·  1
  • Tracy Gardner I think it is bigotry are these potential employers going to open their Facebook profile in front of their potential employee's? We should have the same look into our bosses personal info as they claim they should have into our life's and info. These kind of practices are unhealthy and will lead to less and less qualified professionals being employed due online reputations.
    about an hour ago ·  ·  1
  • Howard Barrett I so agree with is work and personal life should be just that a personal life...what I do at home or arond friends has never defined how I do and perform my job.
  • Gale Ottaviano I could see how a potential employer would want to weed out bullies, antisocial behavior, or illegal activity. If they allow a person to explain certain postings, I understand. As long as it pertains to the companies business or if it could hurt the company. Certainly certain jobs that could impact public safety would want to know these private postings. I'm concerned with rights of the individual; we could be setting the stage for law suits from people who may feel they were denied a job or fired without due process. In this economic climate, on line postings may be used against us. I'm afraid the laws may not have kept up with the technology. I'm sure that the lawyers are fine tuning arguments now. Word of caution: be careful what you post.
  • Colin Abele ‎@Gale: "In this economic climate..." is you referring to the recession, I know. But that's merely the current SEASON. The economic CLIMATE is capitalism. None of this would be going on under a socialist economic system where all the people, not just a few, have ownership of employment determination. Oops...I just outed myself as a having a communist philosophy. There goes my chances :-) But do I care? No. I'd rather be a truly free man than pretend I live in a free country.
    12 minutes ago · 

Now did those comments endanger any of our employment prospects?  Or rather, do they, so long as we don't hit the little "x" in the corner and self-censor ourselves for the sake of the capitalist system?

I certainly hope so.  And in the interest of not being vain, I'll let the lady who was speaking out before me get the second-to-last word:

Well said, Marianne!  You are as worthy as being quoted on Soundpolitic as any capitalist news reporter or politician.  If I may borrow your phraseology for my closing:

That's my blog and I'm letting it stick!


Soundpolitic said...

Just keep in mind, especially if you're checking this out after a job interview: it's ME that's looking for work, not some blogger-alter-ego. You should hope to hire somebody smart enough to know the me & my readers :-)

Soundpolitic said...

PS: I'm not talking about my blogging anymore either. And I'm not listening if you start to talk to me about it. You got something to say about this blog, you post a fucking comment right here.

Oh, and I get TWO tip jars :-) Enjoy!

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