Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Unexpected Return of Soundpolitc

I have two points to make with this first post in a long time.

The first point is that there will be a return to more frequent and regular posting here on Soundpolitic.  I am hearing the sound of politics again, and I am making the sound of politics again, and it is a sound kind of politics that I perceive and produce.

The second point is that I'm on the YouTubes with my friend and Republican candidate for Mayor of Albany, Jesse Calhoun.  Check out our half-dozen man press conference (slash) protest, Rage Against the Media:

Now I do apologize for the poor audio, for this was our "insurance" footage that we needed to get out there because we knew the "professional" media wouldn't air everything we had to say.  Which is the main point of what we both had to say.

So I'll make the final key points brief and elaborate further in the future.

First, I am indeed a longtime Democratic activist and blogger in Democratic politics.  That's what I do here at Soundpolitc on Blogspot. I tend support insurgent Democratic candidates and I've always blogged about their campaigns and how the media doesn't cover them properly.  Because that's the truth of how the media works and I support the person, not the party.

So it is not and inconsistency that I, a registered Democrat who considers himself a socialist, should be criticizing the media for their lack of reporting on a campaign for the best person for the office regardless of party.

Second, part of the story should be the fact that Jesse Calhoun, a self-describded libertarian running on the Republican line, has the support of a self-described socialist who has always ever supported Democrats only.

I explained all that in the video, but I'll reiterate: it's because he and I value the truth.  We enjoy the discourse between each other that leads us both closer to it regardless of of our ideology and background.  We listen to each other and respect each other, and we will both be listening to the voters and paying them respect when we go out to talk up the Calhoun for Mayor campaign to as many voters as possible between now and November.

Let me repeat that: between NOW and NOVEMBER.

See, the media has only been reporting on the Democratic Primary and failing to mention Jesse's candidacy on the Republican line until we made a bunch of noise about it.  They've been telling the voters that the winner of the General Election WILL be the winner of the Democratic Primary.

That is not a fact.  It is a prediction. And I'll be the first to admit, it's probably a very good one.

But the news isn't supposed to present predictions, which are just a form of opinions.  No.  The news is supposed to report the facts.

And the fact of the matter is that the winner of the Democratic Primary isn't automatically the next mayor of Albany.  They'll have to get through Jesse Calhoun first.

And they'll have to get through me and you first, too.

With that, I pledge to support Jesse Calhoun's campaign for mayor publicly - again - and encourage you to consider doing the same.  And I'll keep my readers here updated as to what's going on in the whole world of the Albany mayors race to the best of my ability, always placing a higher value on the truth than even our chances of victory.

It should be a good campaign.  And it feels good, as Soundpolitc, to be back on the beat.

Stay tuned for more information on the whole of the Albany Mayor's Race and 2013 Albany city politics, for opportunities to volunteer for Jesse Calhoun's campaign for Mayor, and for my report back to you on what it's like to be one.  Thanks for reading.  Peace,

- Colin (aka, Soundpolitic)

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