Friday, February 19, 2010

State Park Closures Run Down

Just back from posting a comment on The Albany Project to summarize the Park Closures across the state.  The new list just came out and can be viewed at this link.

Here's the Run Down:

I count 43 total park closures statewide with 13 closures of state historic sites.  Keep in mind some regional economic factors in this little rundown:

In the Central Region, all but one of 12 sites are closures.

In the Finger Lakes, six of nine sites are slated to close; the other two are reductions in swimming pool access.

In the Thousand Islands eight sites are listed and all eight are to be closed completely.

On Long Island we have 11 sites listed; only six are full closures, the rest a reduction in services.
Down in The City, only three sites listed and only one closure.

For the Palisades, nine sites listed with seven closures with one pool closure and one "reduction in maintenance."

The Taconic Region we have 11 sites listed.  But only three full closures.  We have some slight reduction services, including two sites with "Reduce Golf Course Season" and two with "Eliminate Interpretive Programs."  Keep those economic factors in mind!

In my home Capital Region nine parks and historic sites are listed.  100% of them are for closing.  Right in the Capitol's backyard!

Genesee Region has only three sites with one closure; Niagra Region is four out of five (eliminate interpretive programs at The Falls...poor honeymooners!); and in the Allegany Region we have one park set to be closed and one site with the largest list of reduction in services.

So it looks like Wealthy Westchester County golfers might be the key constituency here, doesn't it?

Thanks for the follow-up.  I'm out of time here at the Library.

BTW:  Rally at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 3 at 9:30 AM to save the parks and allow State Legislators to swoop in, get on TeeVee, and "save the day."  Get out your Bat Signals!

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